I Am More Than My Body (part-2)

i am more than my body

That night was really long. I was presuming the consequence that I might encounter in the course of seeking justice. I was already aware of the fact that the fight is not going to be an easy one as it does not merely involve the culprits who has molested me but also with the mentality of few people who sympathizes with us in a way that rather breaks our moral and crushes our dreams.

The next morning, I tried establishing a conversation with my parents as I wanted them to help me. But they turned their back and left the room as usual. What can be more devastating for a girl who is being ignored to that extent? That was the moment I needed them the most but they left me deserted which further elevated my agony. Then my sister came and cuddled me the way my mother used to do. I cannot acknowledge her enough for standing by my side at this hour of need. She was trying hard to comfort and encourage me just like a guardian. She kissed me on the forehead and stated that “You don’t need to break down for people like them”. I told my sister about the decision and asked her if she would help me receive justice. She nodded her head and replied that she had already spoken to a lawyer about me and that we are summoned in an hour from now.

We went to the address that was sent to us by my sister’s fiancée and the chamber we reached was very greasy. It seemed undust since ages. Few of the objects in the room were lying disoriented. I was confused at the sight of how the room appeared and asked my sister if her fiancée has sent us the correct address. She assured that this was the correct address and the lawyer happens to be my brother in law’s mentor. She temporarily concluded the conversation saying that we could talk about it later.

We them headed to a room upstairs through a narrow staircase. There we met a middle aged man. He was so much imbibed in his book that he did not even realised our arrival. The man was in his pyjamas and his hair looked tangled and unbrushed, clothes were as shabby as his appearance. I was amazed at the sight. My sister grabbed his attention by calling his name, Mr Robin? He looked up and asked if we were the one sent by Varun (my sister’s fiancée). She replied yes! Then he asked us to take our seats.

As I was sitting down, that person was unceasingly gazing at me which made me uncomfortable. I became more conscious and immediately hold my sister’s hand.

The man smiled at me sarcastically and said, “if my gaze is making you so much disturbed, how will you even stand in the court room, amongst the people who will be holding contrary perceptions about you. You were defamed because you were physically abused, but the fight to which you are seeking justice is much more dirty and complicated than you think. People will not think once before assassinating your character and naming you with thousands of adjectives. I will fight for you only if you fight for yourself. Get the idea out of your head formost that you need to hold your sister’s hand throughout the fight. It is solely yours and only you can help yourself. All we can do is stand by your side, helping you win but only you will have to go through the hell! Are you ready for that?

I was petrified initially but after a few breath, I agreed. He then asked me about the entire incident which he will be recording and he demanded me truth for all the queries that I could be asked. I described the entire scenario how everything took place from the club we attended for my friend’s birthday party.

That night we were enjoying the party, dancing, singing, everything was going good until one of my friends saw a girl being misbehaved in public. The boys looked terrifying themselves, huge physique and barbaric. There were many people in the club but everybody were just staring quiet to the girl and the hooligans. I could no longer stand the fight and approached to the point where the incident was taking place. First, I only wanted to excuse the girl from there by talking to them politely. But they were misbehaving with me in return. I was annoyed and slapped one of them. Everybody in the club were silent. Then the boys turned around without retaliating and left the club. Everybody in the club applauded me on this act and praised me for my courage. But the girl however warned me about them saying the boy I slapped was actually her boyfriend who belonged to a very influential family and that he will not be sitting quiet for long. She then asked to me to take care of myself and left the club. We too left the club after sometime.

Next evening i was done with my swimming practice and was returning home. As I stepped outside, to the parking-lot were my scooty was parked, A van approached and dragged me inside. I could see the faces and recognised that they were the guys from the other night. They made me unconscious and I could hardly remember anything that happened further. All I could remember last was that I was in the parking lot itself with torn clothes and my intimate regions were paining excrutietingly. I somehow managed to get up but every moment I fall down on my knees. My entire body was shivering and I could feel nothing but pain. I was calling for help and then my trainer saw me while he was returning to get his car. He was petrified seeing me in that condition. Then he pulled a cloth from his car and covered me. He asked me what had happened but before I could say anything I fell unconscious. After I opened my eyes I found myself at home surrounded by many faces.


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