the brown diary 2

It was 9:00 pm and my sister and her husband arrived. I was very keen to share with her what I found among the trashes in the store room. As soon as they entered the hall my father was the first person to greet them. Sometimes this man really makes me wonder how anybody can exhibit such double standards. On one hand he is so harsh with us and on the other hand he is so warm and friendly with others (to my brother in law). He can be compared to a chameleon who can change its colour according to its surroundings. As they were all seated, I whispered to my sister to follow me. Without any query she excused herself from everybody and came along with me to my room. I shut the door and showed her the brown diary that belongs to our mother.


She was as much shocked as I was. As we were about to open the diary, our mother interrupted us and immediately I had to hide the diary from her. She was calling my sister to help her prepare the table for the dinner. My sister replied that she will join her in no time and my mother left the room. My sister asked me to go through the entire diary and enlighten her as she can not carry it with her to her in-laws. After this both of us went downstairs to help our mother.


After the dinner, all of us chatted for a while and at around 12:30 a.m both my sister and her husband left. We too went to our respective rooms. I locked the room from inside and sat on the study table to read the diary.


The handwriting in the diary was so artistic that it almost felt like printed words. All the events in the diary was mentioned date wise. It was of the year 1989. According to the diary my mother was in the first year of her college and she apparently was one of the most beautiful lady of her times. She was a Bharatnatyam dancer who represented her school and colleges many times and won several medals and trophies. In the diary few of her photos with medals were pasted. I was completely shaken discovering this fact as now a days our mother doesn’t appear even close to her pictures. The diary also reveals that she was very fun loving and jolly. Then what had happened to her that she is now such transformed person?


I continued going through the pages where her achievements and memories were mentioned. Then I reached a page where my father’s picture was pasted and on the other side, it was mentioned that my mother was deeply in love with him. They were one of the finest couples in the college. The pictures reveal that the bond was very strong between them. A lot of gifts and wishes were exchanged between them and surprisingly my mother treasured everything. I could even trace a rose in between the diary. Everything seemed to be fine between them until my mother got a proposal of marriage from a distant friend of hers and my grandparents accepted the proposal.


Apparently my grandparents did not like my father much and did not approve her marriage with him. As my mother was the only child of her parents, she couldn’t disrespect their decision and got married to the one chosen by them. This marriage made my father drunkard, insane, and emotionless. I could very well imagine my father’s condition that time to see his only beloved with someone else. It appears that my mother’s ex husband learned the truth about my father and my mother just a week after their marriage and on confronting my mother she accepted it all. After this incident the humble man asked my mother if she wants to go back to my father! She asked him for some time but eventually she decided to end the marriage and go back to my father. Although he accepted my mother and married her but he couldn’t forget nor forgive her for what she had done.


Now I could manage to draw a vivid idea of my father’s attitude towards us and our mother. Probably its not him who could be blamed nor our mother. Its just the situation that bought us to this condition. Its been 23 years of their marriage but our father couldn’t forgive our mother neither our mother could settle her issues with him. It seems she has accepted her life that way giving up all her dreams, desires and interests for that one mistake she did.


After learning the entire truth I had no guts to talk to my sister and inform her about it. I was too confused as its not just my mother who needs help but also my father. Thinking for a long time I decided to confront the both about it and settle their issues as nobody is at peace that way.


Next morning I did the same and both were surprised that I learned the truth. I tried to convince them that the past cannot be changed and we all have to move on with time. I also mentioned that it was not just them who is suffering this way but both me and my sister too. I requested them to atleast try to forgive each other if not for themselves for us. Listening all these my mother quietly drew her chair and went back to her room but my father uttered no word. In the evening both my parents came to me and for the first time ever my father actually hugged and thanked me for making him realise his mistakes. He also apologised to my mother for all his misbehaviour. I was content to see my family together for the very first time.


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