It was 26th of December 2004, the day Tsunami occurred, which was one of the deadliest natural disasters in recorded history. The effect of the disaster was felt in near about 14 countries including which were Indonesia, Sri lanka, India and Thailand, consuming innumerable lives. It was exactly on that day my father received a call from my grandfather enquiring about our whereabouts. He broke the news about Tsunami to my father hearing which he got startled. Immediately he hung up the phone and started dialing my uncle’s number. My mother got startled too even before learning the news by discovering my father’s appearance. He was all red. He was trying and trying but could not reach him. Then he decided to visit his parents place. Immediately we hired a taxi and after an hour we reached our uncle’s home. The entire ambiance of his home was disturbed. Uncle’s mom was continuously crying, and uncle’s dad was continuously dialing his number expecting to reach him somehow. Everybody were sitting in the hall and watching news.The news that were been shown made everybody paranoid. We were too young to understand the entire situation but we (me and my brother) could assume certain things. Uncle is my father’s best friend, They have been together always through thick and thin. They were not less than brothers. So it was certain to us probably something very bad might have happened to him. The entire house was full of unknown faces, some were with my uncle’s mother, consoling her and few with his father. Uncle’s sister was trying hard to calm their mother.down.

Few hours passed, but we heard no news about uncle. Every second was heavy for his family and friends. That was the first time ever in my life I have seen my father so tensed that he was continuously smoking cigarettes one after the other standing in the balcony. Everybody in the room were enquiring my father about uncle’s last conversation with him when we left Thailand, expecting something could be comprehended about his whereabouts. But our father had no idea. Whenever the phone rings, everybody anticipates it to be uncle’s but it turns out to be some body else’s. This creates more havoc in the room. By the evening everybody started crying in the room. Uncle’s mother was so sick of crying the whole day that she was given a dose of sleeping pill by uncle’s sister to make her go
asleep. I barely remember anybody in the room who were not crying. Our mother was with uncle’s mother all the time. The ambiance of the room startled us more. My brother was just 5 years old and the environment made him panic too. Amidst all that a phone rings in the hall. Immediately uncle’s sister picks it up. As she heard the voice, she started sobbing more. Everybody in the room were paranoid and then my father took the phone. It was uncle. He was fine but his property developed cracks. He too was trying to establish contact with us the entire day but could not. Thankfully he was safe. That’s all we needed. This incident made him return to his own country. Now he stays with his parents and we often catch up. He is one of the favourite persons in my life. And we cannot thank God enough for keeping him safe. But his near about experience to death gives us cold shivers even today.


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