As we define a crossroad, we can state it as ‘dilemma’. It is the state when a person is completely perplexed about which way to go or what to choose. Why I chose to write about it today? Well, that’s because this is one of those situations all of us face which consequently brings about anxiety, stress and cowardice, discomposure or apprehension in our lives to some extent. None of us are refrained from being in this state and probably at this moment you too are relating yourself with the crossroads you have ever been in!

Few weeks ago I came across a young girl in the metro. I was absorbed in reading a book until I realised that she was from my native place. As we started conversing, I learned that she is an HR executive in a reputed company, drawing quite a handsome amount of salary. But she sounded distressed to me. On asking she replied that she had been trying for her higher studies in one of the elite universities in the country for 2years but failed; but that day she received a call from that very university for an interview as her thesis was selected and she was approved to carry out her work in the university and the guide assigned to her was the person she always admired and dreamt to work with. But the irony was that she was on her crossroads unable to choose between her job and her passion. She could not give up the job as she was the only earning source of her family nor could she give up the opportunity to die for. But today she will have to give up either of the two.

What could be done when we are on such crossroads?
I am quite an optimistic person and I do not fear taking a chance in this regard. Whenever I find myself standing in such a situation I usually go for what my conscience prompt me. Sometimes that is all we should do. Faith is the key to all kinds of crossroads. Belief in ourselves and anticipating a fruitful result should be our motto.

Prioritize while making a decision.
This is quite a simple thing which I believe most of us do. Making a list of all the pros and cons of what both the roads could serve is indeed the formost thing one should do. The road that could comparatively serve us the best, should be our decision. Priorities differ person to person so would be the roads.

Everything that we experience teach us something.
Sometimes things do not go the way we expect it to. Similar to a coin that has two sides, everything has a true and a false, right and wrong, good and bad. If the road we chose provides us with fruitful result, we should appreciate it. But if the contrary happens, we must not give up or blame ourselves for the same. I have been in this situation quite a time, initially I did get disheartened, but now I realised everything I lost or the mistakes I made taught me something. Failure does not intimidate me anymore. The attitude of giving up in itself is a failure. So, accepting the failure and moving on with a positive attitude to start a fresh is the best way to victory.

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