How can we describe it? It is not bound to a specific definition or a meaning. We tend to cross paths with a lot of people in our day to day lives..Could we ever imagine how a few of them become such an inseparable part of us?? The feeling of being a friend in itself is so delightful and gratifying. Isn’t it??

There are certain relationships we are born with that could be someone’s daughter, son, niece, nephew, grandson or a granddaughter. These relationships are blood-bound and named in itself. On the contrary, friendship is a relation we can choose to establish with someone we like or look upon.

I don’t really have a lot of friends but the few I have are the treasured ones. Fortunately, I found quite a good number of them in my family itself. It might sound strange but I have only a handful of friends outside my family.

My mother happens to be my first and the best friend who not only has deciphered her role as a mother but comprehended me as a friend as well. I don’t really have to put a second thought on sharing with her my deepest feelings and perceptions because I know end of the day she is the one who would never judge me for anything. She taught me the most crucial chapters of my life and yes, she is the one who holds me throughout my worst and the bests.

Apart from mom, my maternal aunts (masis), whom I consider next to my mother play a crucial role in my life. Its because of them that I could imbibe the real emotion of friendship.

Like any other teenager I too had a lot of friends. But it’s been said that we tend to lose some as we grow up. This was no exception to me. But I am content and proud of the few I have.

Like any other relationships, friendship too has to traverse through tough times. Every body experiences that. But that’s not an obstacle, rather, these experiences only emend and bring one another close, building more confidence, care, love and devotion, Therefore, one should never get paranoid about these though times because “A true friend in need is a true friend indeed”. If the friendship is true, no dispute can rupture it.


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