Growing Up..

Growing up

Most of the times we come across statements like…“come on girl/boy, grow up!! Although you seem to be grown physically but mentally you are just an infant..” Is growing up so important? Probably it is or why would we always hear such phrases? But is it just us who needs to grow?? Think about it!


Growing up is a spontaneous process that does not only involve physical aspects of us but mental and emotional aspects too. Many a times we hear that age is just a number and it cannot determine whether we have grown up or not. It is so true!! This is reflected from the people we cross paths with or the ones we are surrounded with.


The society we live in is undoubtedly the best example of the above stated fact. It comprise many sorts of individual. We come across people who hold different perspectives about life, the way of living, about judging a situation or about someone. Apart from their own lives they tend to focus on the lives of others. Ironical but true!! This is not something we can consider growing up!! We are mostly being judged for who we are, what we wear or who we associate with. It definitely does not take much time for anyone to assassinate our character depending upon their understanding about us.


What would you like to pursue after your schooling? May be you should opt for medical or engineering if you decide to choose science to study further. Or CA or an MBA if you wish to study commerce. Arts?? Oh I get it, you aspire to become a professor someday. Why are you opting for a foreign language course when you have so many other subjects, same goes for arts and music. These are the exhaustive queries we always get to hear. Isn’t it? No matter how much we grow up we often encounter such questions and will probably continue doing so. Curiosity is good but taking so much interest in the lives of others are not going to fetch us with inventions and rewards!! We have a life of our own and we need to respect others life and their opinions too. The moment we can realise this we can say we are growing up!


The moment we comprehend and accept the fact that dreams might vary and so might our interests, we will grow up! Success is not the same for everyone. Some might perceive success as earning a lot of money while some might just need to perceive happiness of others or happiness in whatever they do which might not fetch them with a lot of money but it definitely would provide them satisfaction. The day we realise this we can say that we are grown up and we can make the world a better place to live in.


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