The New Acquaintance (Part-2)


the new acquaintance 2


I was sitting in a bench of the railway station and smiling, recollecting all that had happened in two days with Max. Out of a blue I was astounded by a sudden clasp in both my arms. I turned, with my temporary halted breath and see my cousin, Nitara. She is not just a sister to me but a best friend too. I am seeing her after three years. God! The girl has grown up to be so beautiful. Her eyes are still so mesmerizing, with the same pointed nose and well structured lips. The only difference I can notice is that now her hair is longer, straight and dyed, complementing her fair complexion. We caressed each other tight and tickled too, as we used to when we were child. Nitara finally gave up and I won this again. Finally, we left for home carrying my luggage.

As we reached outside the station, I see my brother (one who is getting married, and Nitara’s brother) waiting for us near the car. He seemed to be in high spirits (his wedding may be the reason). On seeing me, he ran and gave me a tight hug, saying, “welcome my lovely and favorite sister”. His excitement reflected how excited he was.

After keeping my luggage in the car, we headed home. We were talking, sharing our personal life experiences and recollecting the golden days of childhood till we reached home. My uncle and my aunt were standing outside the home and directing the workers in decorating the house for wedding. Both gave me a very amiable welcome. I could not believe my eyes when she actually cried hugging me and stating, “my lovely girl, my heart knows how much I missed you these years”. She also enquired about my father’s health due to which both my parents could not come and sent me alone.

I was then taken to Nitara’s room, which she said we were going to share. I was tired, so I wanted to take a nap. On lying on the bed and closing my eyes, Max face appeared in front of me. Immediately I jumped off the bed. Nitara enquired what had happened but I could not say a word. Then I took her permission and left for shower. Even while taking shower, I was thinking about Max. Why does not this guy leave me alone? Everywhere I go, no matter with who I am, this guy tend to occupy every piece of my thoughts. I quickly took my shower, put on my clothes and went downstairs for dinner.

As we were having dinner, everybody were talking about the pre-wedding rituals that are to be started the next day itself but I was lost in the thoughts of someone else and I didn’t want to
give up on it.

On seeing me distracted, everybody assumed that I was missing my parents so they didn’t dive too much into other queries. After dinner, we went back to our rooms. Nitara was showing me her dresses she bought for our brother’s wedding but I was least interested in it. I was feeling some what void within and I could no longer hold my emotions to myself and shared everything with Nitara.

She was amazed on hearing my story. She enquired if I was in love with that newly acquainted guy in the train. I shut her up and went to sleep. Throughout the night until she slept she kept on poking me and asking me more about the guy. I could only sleep after she felt asleep finally.

Next morning, it was a “Sangeet” ceremony in the house. We all were getting ready with our best attires and make up. Nitara was helping me in choosing clothes, colour of lipstick, etc. She helped me straighten my hair and made a beautiful bun with my hair that suited my appearance.

I stepped out of the room and collided hard with someone outside. This annoyed me so much that I yelled and objectified him as blind. On seeing, who it was, the ground below me swept. It was Max! He too was surprised seeing me. Both of us kept numb for around a minute.

My heart was pounding at its peak. Several questions were running in my head. Then he approached me and enquired what I was doing here. Meanwhile Nitara stepped out of the room. She was so happy on seeing Max, that I suspected both to be very well acquainted. She then re-introduced me to Max as Rahil. I was shaken on hearing his name. It means I was not the only one who has hidden the real identity but the other one too.
He was about reveal the fact to Nitara, and I interrupted saying, “Hi, it was nice meeting you”. He was surprised but he understood that I did not want anybody to know that we already met so he did the same.

As three of us were moving down stairs he quietly taunted me saying, “Kiara (my real name) sounds better then Lily”. Then I responded to it saying, whether it is Rahil or Max, both sound stupid and I went close to Nitara.

Downstairs I found Tejas (our brother) who was busy looking after flower arrangements for his wedding. He then called Rahil to help him with his tasks. It was then I realised that both were best friends.

Everybody was enjoying the Sangeet ceremony, various traditional music were being played and danced upon. I was watching Rahil from the corner of my eyes. His smile was too appealing and hardly eyes can be taken off him. He was dancing with Nitara. This gave me a tinge of jealousy too. Throughout the evening we were only exchanging sarcastic smiles and gazes. And sometimes I too caught him looking at me.

It was already late and I was talking to my parents over phone in the balcony. I sobbed while talking to them because I knew how much I was missing them and how much I needed them in this crowd. After I hung up the phone, I see a hand offering me a glass of water. It was Rahil. He said maybe you are not Lily, but you are still the same silly, shy, simple and innocent girl I met in the train. His words were however, comforted me but I did not enlighten him with the feeling. Then he continued taunting me in his own ways and kept continuing until I smiled. This gesture of his really made me more attracted towards him. We talked for around an hour in the balcony uninterrupted. Then we decided to head in.

Inside, he again started his crazy acts of making people laugh and I could hardly take my eyes off him. Everybody were slowly leaving for their house and we were also tired. I was looking for Nitara as she is no where to be traced. On searching, I see her drunk in the bar area and was behaving insanely. I was going to fetch her from there but meantime Rahil showed up. Although I knew I should not, but I eavesdropped to their conversation. Nitara was apologizing to Rahil for something and Rahil in turn was trying to calm her down. Nitara then started, “I want you back in my life at any cost. I know you are too attractive to let go. I am not allowing anybody to take you away from me! You are mine and nobody else’s!”. I completely broke down hearing this and on running back to the room, I met Tejas, who enquired what happened to me! I said I was fine and that I was missing home. He hugged me and tried comforting me by talking. But I was imbibed in some other thoughts. I was not listening to anything he was saying until he said, now it’s your turn to find one. I found my soul mate, Nitara has her own, and now you need to find one soon. I asked Tejas about who he was talking about with Nitara. He confirmed saying it is Rahil and that they have been in love since 3 years and are planning to get engaged soon. Tejas then requested me to get some rest and get ready for wedding tomorrow as early as possible.

At just one moment my heart shattered, world broken and I felt like I had no reason to live. What was happening to me?? I was no way in a normal condition.

(To be continued)

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