The New Acquaintance (Part-1)
As the train was passing by station, I was feeling more and more paralysed with each advancing distance. I have never traveled alone anywhere since these 18 years of my life. The thought itself that I would stay away from my parents even though it’s just 7 days makes me shiver to my bones. But I recalled what my father told me while leaving home, “It’s just 7 days, and these days will determine how confident and self sufficient you are. He said, live the life like it’s just for those 7 days, make new friends and enjoy every moment.” Therefore, I somehow managed to calm my self down and drew a book from my purse and got absorbed in reading.
All of a sudden, I could hear some noises right from the compartment behind me, and suddenly I see a boy running into my compartment and I assume that he was gathering his breaths by reaching to his knees and breathing back and forth. I was looking at him stunned. Noticing me watch, he waved at me saying “Hi”, I greeted him back. Then without even seeking permission he took the book that I was reading and suggested me, it’s a good book and that he has read it long back. I found this quite funny. So long I was enjoying my own company and now I think I will have to tolerate this person throughout the journey. I was visiting my aunt’s place for my brother’s wedding in Delhi. It takes nearly 2 days to reach the destination and I pity myself! Do I have to go on chatting with this person throughout the journey..?
After an hour of useless chit chat, he introduced himself as Max. I on the other hand did not mention my real name and introduced myself as Lily. He seemed to be a real restless person to me because the moment I shut my eyes to rest a bit or feel a bit bored, he immediately puts on his headphone and play video games in the phone making weird noises. That was really irritating me.
Eventually, by the time, when we were about to be served with dinner, he gave me his tiffin. He said, these are meatballs that his mother has prepared for him and offered me to have some. Honestly, I am fond of meatballs, but at the same time I was paranoid to taste it from a stranger so I denied. He probably understood my dilemma and he took a bite of all the meatballs and offered me back stating that “I think now you can have it without doubting my honesty. I really like you, you are calm and nervous that clearly explains that this is your first time in travelling alone. He assumed me saying, I will be the last person in this train who could hurt you! His words moved me so much that I had a piece of meatballs.
After dinner I felt asleep as I was really tired. Next morning as I woke up, I see Max staring outside the window and admiring the nature probably. I greeted him good morning and he returned my greeting with a wide smile and offered me a cup of tea with rusk biscuit. I desperately needed them so I gobbled everything. In no time, we become very good friends but I was feeling guilty every time for lying him about my identify. At 8:00 ‘o’ clock, our train reached Delhi station and we bid each other good bye. I didn’t realise this initially but I already started to reminisce about all the incidences in the train with him. Never thought, but I realised that even a stranger can make a great impact in your life!
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