The New Acquaintance (Part-3)
 the new acquaintance 3
That night was longer than usual. I was trying to obliviate what I witnessed between Rahil and Nitara, but how was this supposed to happen? The pain elevated even more when I saw Rahil carrying drunk Nitara to our room in his arms. I pretended to sleep but their proximity burned my soul every moment. I never had such deep feelings for everyone in my life and when it happened for the first time, everything was so perplexed. I could not arrest my tears rolling through the corner of my eyes. I somehow managed to keep myself calm for that moment but internally I was screaming. All I wanted to do was to go back to my mom and dad and never come back.
I was trying to figure out the situation I was facing. I could not show myself broken in front of everybody. After prolonged thoughts and thousands of queries in mind, I decided to face the situation boldly. I will have to pretend in front of everybody that I was happy for both. And I also decided to leave for home right after the day of wedding . I had no idea about how I was going to do it but I will have to for everybody’s sake.
The next morning, I rose early and tried to conceal my swollen eyes with make up (since I have been crying the whole night and could not sleep even for a moment) I was afraid that my face would reflect my exhaustion. So I took much more minutes than usual to look my best. Then I went downstairs in the kitchen to prepare a glass of lime water for Nitara, since I knew that she would wake up with heavy head. There I saw my aunt preparing potato stuffed breads that I like the most. We had some funny conversations and I took a glass of lime water and
went back upstairs to wake Nitara up.
As I reached the room, I see her already sitting on the bed, holding her head. I offered her the glass and she drank it full. After that I was about to turn around and leave the room but she pulled me and hugged me tight. I could feel some heaviness in her breath which made me realize that she was crying. I enquired her being a sister what was wrong. Then she told me everything about her and Rahil. I was already aware of what she was telling me yet I acted dumb. Lastly, she expressed how deeply she was in love with him but now his interest in her seemed to have diminished. According to Nitara, Rahil doesn’t approve of her adamant behavior and thinks she has no potential to be a good wife. So, he wants to cancel their engagement although he is delaying it due to the wedding of Tejas. But he assured her that he would not marry her at any cost. I was shivering on hearing this from Nitara. I got mentally disoriented and blood ran at a double pace through my veins that caused a strange redness in my face. After enlightening me with this fact, Nitara went to the washroom.
I was taking small and perplexed steps downstairs, then again I collided with Rahil. He greeted me a good morning but I reluctantly rolled my eyes and went downstairs not responding to him. Since then he has been trying hard to establish a conversation with me but I ignored him every time.
Nitara was very upset the entire day but I could hardly see ant tinge of sadness in Rahil’s face. By his appearance, I could easily make out that he had the least feelings for Nitara. This made me more annoyed. I guess I am getting to know him much more now. Rahil possibly is one of those guys who has no interest in marriages. They only expect a casual relationship from a girl where no commitments and promises are made.
The day passed like that. The next day everybody was occupied with the wedding decorations, catering, etc. We too were busy and was enjoying at our best. I was trying to cheer Nitara up, but she used to comfort me solely with a vague smile. I wonder what this person had done to my sister!
In the evening as I was getting ready, suddenly somebody barged into the room and shut the door. I was not even properly dressed so I wrapped my dupatta around and turned to see who it was. It was Rahil. I though he must have arrived to see Nitara, so I told him Nitara was downstairs helping aunt with sweets. He then said that he knew and all he wanted was to talk to me. I was startled on hearing that. He was approaching towards me but I asked him to stop there. He did as I said. He asked me why have I been ignoring him since yesterday. I told him that I was not interested to talk to him nor I owe him any reason for my behavior. Desperately, he came close to me and pulled me towards him. I was numb and I could do nothing. It felt like somehow I wanted to be in his arms. He then said, “your ignorance is driving me crazy. Don’t you realize my change of feelings towards you? I fell for you in the train itself and I know you feel the same for me. Then what is the reason for this ignorance?”
I knew what to answer. So I replied him saying he doesn’t deserve to be loved by anybody. After what he had done to Nitara, I would be the last person in this Earth to count on him. He looked as if he knew this would be my response. Then he left the room immediately without saying a word.
Everybody was gathered in the lawn for marriage rituals. Uncle, aunty and Nitara were in the vicinity of the bride and the groom. I was longing for the wedding to get over so that I could be with myself for sometime. This is all I need now. After the marriage was over Nitara walked to me. She told me that she needs to talk and took me upstairs in the terrace. I saw Rahil standing there. Nitara tried to clarify me saying Rahil was a nice guy and he loved her always but she was the one who took him for granted for every possible reason. With her behavior, she has destroyed their relationship. Although Rahil tried to save it many times. But it was already late. Until Nitara could realize her mistakes, Rahil already came over her. They broke the engagement mutually and now since Tejas wedding is over, they are going to break this news to everybody. She then asked me to give Rahil a chance since he told his developing feelings towards me and said that I was the kind of girl Rahil always wanted as his wife.
I was taken aback hearing all this but I agreed. Then Rahil asked me if he could ask my hand for marriage to my parents, I was confused. Then Nitara assured that she is going to help us and that she had no issues with this relationship and I should agree to Rahil’s proposition. My buried feeling for Rahil emerged again and I said ‘YES!’.
Everything later on happened smoothly. Uncle, aunt, mom, dad and Tejas comprehended our situation and agreed to our decision. We got married after a year and Nitara too moved on in her life.
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