The Nightmare…

The Nightmare

Deserted streets and deserted lanes, how can we relate to their oppression disguised!

Ripped off feet and trembling steps, makes me wonder where I go and sit aside!

Long journey it was;
With every step by your side;
Now, there is no hand to hold and no reason for my heart to troll!

Words falling apart and then again apart until I could find myself into pieces… with each pieces playing a temporary part!

Exhausted smile and tired eyes can only exhibit how I am inside!

Nothing has changed as though you say, but dear oh mine, nothing can longer be the way it was to us!

Keeping our promise to stick to each other always…. only if you understand the real world which is beyond promises and lies!

I wish you could ever understand what I feel and why I feel!

Hoping not our clasped fists tires off the verbal abuse making us leave little by little and finger by finger!

The only anticipation I wish is a lie & I see you as soon as I open my eye!


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